If you’re flying out of Don Muang International Airport (DMK), chances are, you booked your flight through one of the budget airlines (Nok Air, Thai AirAsia and Orient Thai Airlines).

Don Muang International Airport is considered to be one of the world’s oldest international airports and the Asia’s oldest operating airport. It was originally opened as a Royal Thai Air Force base March 1914 and began serving commercial flights in 1924. It was once a central hub of Asia prior to the opening of Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in 2006. It served the most air traffic for the entire continent, with 80 airlines operating 160,000 flights and handling over 38 million passengers and 700,000 tons of cargo in a year. After the opening of the new airport, Don Muang became the de-facto low cost airline hub.

Getting from DMK to BKK, or vice versa, is easy. Transit between the two airport is about 1-2 hours depending on traffic.

Taxi & Public Bus
Hailing a taxi is always the quickest way. Taxi fare will cost 400THB ($12.85USD). Another option is by public bus. Bus #554 and #555 will take you direct to DMK. Bus arrives every 15 minutes and will cost 34THB ($1.09USD).

Shuttle Bus
The airports provide a FREE shuttle bus service that arrives once every hour. No ticket necessary, but make sure you have your flight boarding pass.

From Suvarnabhumi: Shuttle bus is located at Level 2 at 3.
From Don Muang: Shuttle bus is located on the ground floor at terminal 1

Ideally, you want want to space out your flights with at least a 4 hour window. If you feel like a daredevil, you can always try. It is doable, since I’ve done it before. But you play with the risk of missing your flight. Unlike the major airlines, budget airlines do not offer refunds.