I’ve always believed you can measure the excitement level of a city by the number of late night eateries it has. By that logic, Taipei should be at the forefront of all things exciting in the world.  With a seemingly infinite number of late night eateries that span the city from east to west, locals and visitors always have a ton of options when it comes to filling up the belly.

Like with many cities, Taipei has its fair share of restaurants. Some good, some bad. When you meld the majesty of a sick ass restaurant with late night accessibility, well, magic happens. With that said, here are six 24 hour eateries in Taipei that you need to take heed of.


Panos Café // Da’an District

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Panos Cafe shares many similarities with Subway sandwich shops from the United States. Its essentially trying to mix fast food service with healthy eating. More importantly, these guys serve Belgium beer… ALL… NIGHT… LONG. The other components of the menu include European fares such as pizza, waffles and sausages.

Panos Café
ADDRESS 大安區杭州南路二段7-1號
PHONE +0223518568


江家黃牛肉麵永和豆漿 // Da’an District

The name of the game is beef noodle soup and Taiwanese breakfast. But in actuality, the literal name of this joint is Jiang Family Beef Noodle and Yonghe Soy Milk, but it should really known as “f*cken delicious.” Who knew breakfast and beef noodles can go so well together, they might as well be married.  I didn’t even know I could legally put a piece of youtiao into my beef noodle soup, but damn, that is a billion dollar idea.  This place is the epitome of authentic, down home Taiwanese cooking. With barely any decor, stiff wooden stools and no English menu in sight, it just screams “only locals need apply.” And that’s the way we like it.

Jiang Huang Beef Noodle Shop (江家黃牛肉麵永和豆漿)
ADDRESS 大安區光復南路240巷1號
PHONE +0227720642


Kool Caffè  // Da’an District

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If you aren’t in the mood for a full meal, but rather a quick picker upper and a cup of ‘joe, Kool Caffe is your spot. The name of the game here is coffee. The owner is a huge coffee connoisseur and stocks his shop with over 100 varieties of coffee. Sandwiches and other sweets are fully stocked and can be recommended for a true afternoon tea pairing. Best of all, free wifi!

Kool Caffè
ADDRESS 大安區大安路一段2號
PHONE +0227315111


弗列斯Fresh House // Da’an District

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The name of the game is sandwiches, specifically spicy pork slabs in between two toasted pieces of bread. While Fresh House Sandwiches is not big(can only accommodate 7 – 8 tables), the sandwiches are to die for.  Additional sides like fries or mozzarella sticks are great additions to a solid Western style restaurant.

Fresh House Sandwiches
ADDRESS 大安區延吉街123號
PHONE +0227752679


邀月茶坊  // Wenshan District

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Located up high in the mountains around the Maokang region, 邀月茶坊 is one of those mystical tea plantations that are prevalent all over Taiwan. This is the 24 hour spot to be in if you want a view of greater Taipei. Though, you’ll have to head outside of Taipei a bit, the breath taking mountain view is worth the trek outside of town. Recommended dish is the rosemary pork paired with any of the tea that is offered here.

YY Tea Company (邀月茶坊)
ADDRESS 文山區指南路三段40巷6號
PHONE 0229392025


浪漫一生西餐廳 // Zhongshan District

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If you are hankering for a chunk of beef and its 2am in the morning, head to the one of the only steak joints in all of Taipei. Billed as a European style restaurant, Lifetime of Romance(yes, that is this restaurant’s actual name) sells breakfast, pasta and steak, all made with an Asian flair.

Lifetime of Romance (浪漫一生西餐廳)
PHONE (02)25421451


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