Who doesn’t love ice cream? From this post, you know that we love ice cream just as much as we love a free Justin Beiber concert. But, even we have never seen anything like this.

Yes, that is right. It’s a damn shovel that is used as a spoon. And you know what? There’s more than one place in Taiwan that is making this a reality.


B70 Ice Planet

Instagram:  1999_shan

Instagram: 1999_shan

B70 Ice Planet is located in Zhongyuan Night Market(中原夜市) in Taoyuan City. Known for its seasonal flavors, every B70 Ice Planet ice cream comes punctuated with a mini shovel to help further this great decision you are about to make. The location is a bit hard to find, so make sure you check out map below.

Name B70 Ice Planet
Address 桃園市中壢區日新路93號(map)


帕斯布創意冰品 / Impossible


Instagram: mike_ya

Impossible Ice Store in Changhua comes out ice cream-swingin’ with fresh home made ice cream and snow ice flavors. Best of all, they know you’ll be doing work so all the spoons are shaped like a handy dandy shovel. Check out their cantaloupe flavored shaved ice and get your elbows dirty, because it’s going to be a long, delicious, day.

Name 帕斯布創意冰品 / Impossible
Address 彰化市員林市大同路一段56號 (map)


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