We’ve seen China come out with some mish-mash of stuff that sometimes ends up into awesomeness, but can also be devastatingly gross. In this case, the fusion of east and west results in the form of mapo tofu married with a western favorite – pizza.

iWalker, a Taiwanese travel and food television show, recently did a travel segment on the island of Palau. It was during that segment that the hosts introduced a new age fusion food that combines the comfort food of the west with the comfort food of the east. It’s as if the Rose Bowl parade had lion dancing. Oh wait… that already happened.

Mapo tofu is a traditional spicy tofu dish that is akin to comfort food for many mainland and Chinese abroad. Although I’m somewhat hazy of the history of the dish, just about every Chinese restaurant in the United States serves their own variation of it.

Mapo tofu is known for its uniquely spicy taste that sits on a bed of ground beef and chopped tofu. Usually, shallots accompany the mapo tofu, less so for taste, more so for the color and presentation aspect. Usually eaten as part of a larger spread, mapo tofu pairs extremely well with rice because of its soupy nature and spicy taste.

Anyhow. Its one of those combinations that, as Americans, you probably never expect to see nor even think of it. But leave it to our brothers from across the ocean to throw some funky wrench into all this.  I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I was at least “curious” enough to try this out. Problem being… where are you going to get this here in the US?

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