Modern Toilet, one of the most well known theme restaurants scattered across Taipei. Restaurant goers can dine in the comfort within the confines of a restaurant dedicated to the porcelain throne. The food and the decor are centered around providing a balance between gross out, humor and “I need a picture for Instagram.” For obvious reasons, Modern Toilet constantly makes it onto “weirdest restaurants” lists throughout many publications and you can easily find reviews on such sites such as Gogobot, Tripadvisor, and Frommer’s.


Curry dinner set at Modern Toilet in Ximending.

So rather than talk extensively how hilarious and ridiculous the concept is, I’m just going to show you a bunch of pictures and talk about my own experiences. It is fitting that four, grown men all ordered curry, served in a toilet bowl. The above picture demonstrates what’s included in your dinner set. An entree, rice, soup, pickled vegetables and a froyo dessert.


Some guy hanging out at the entrance of Modern Toilet. It’s a multiple story building that will take care of all of your toilet needs.


The decor follows the toilet theme to a T. The chairs are porcelain thrones whereas the tables are sinks.

Our porcelain thrones for the evening. The tables are made from bathtubs, the chairs from toilets and even the lights up above are shaped as swirly poop. The entire resturant had wi-fi so we were able to take a bunch of pictures and post them up on Instagram for our friends back home to see. Additionally, the host spoke perfect, American english and gave us a spirited introduction on how to order the food.


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Your dinner comes in a toilet bowl.

The curry itself is very watery and lacked the type of spicy “kick” that you would expect from such a rich, brown and dark curry. If I had to describe it, it would be a much lighter fare of Japanese curry without the sweetness.  While you would assume the toilet bowl to be fairly deep, the amount of curry was actually very shallow. So you probably aren’t going to gorge yourself here.


Soft serve ice cream served in an Asian squat toilet.


Makes you look at ice cream in a whole different light(or position).

Dessert is served in a Asian-style squat toilet with froyo swirled into the form of “poop.” Nothing to write home about since its pretty hard to screw up soft serve ice cream. It comes with a meal and its an appropriate end to your toilet escapades for the night.

How to Get There
Modern Toilet has multiple branches in different cities around Taiwan(as well as the US and Hong Kong). The most famous one is located in the youth-centric neighborhood of Ximending, a bustling district that is known as the Harajuku district of Taiwan. Visit My Kafkasque Life for a map of how to get there from the Ximen station(捷運西門站).

Honestly, you are going to Modern Toilet for the sheer novelty of being there. If you expect that you are going to be eating some world class food, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. There is a reason why when we went, there were a good number of foreign tourists looking to take the same pictures that we wanted. I recommend going to Modern Toilet under the expectation that it is a novel experience that should last no more than 20 minutes. Therefore, get a dish to share, snap a few pictures for your Instagram then get the hell out. There’s much better food in the surrounding area of Ximending. So does it live up to it’s hype? In my eyes – no. However, the food is affordable, about $8 USD per dinner set.

It’s one redeeming quality is it’s actually a pretty good spot for people watching. Lots and lots of foreigners with a smattering of locals(and cute girls).

Modern Toilet(Ximending Branch)
Address 2樓, No. 7, Lane 50, Xiníng South Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan


Phone +886 2 2311 8822z