All around the internet you see examples of talented baristas making waves with their incredible latte art abilities. From Buzzfeed’s article on coffee foam art,  to making minions in lattes’ on Huffington Post and all across the wide universe of Instagram, every week seems to bring about a new coffee trend that lasts for as long as the silence between Kardashian news.  None the less, these baristas are damn impressive.

Not all of us have the time or energy to actually, you know, learn stuff. So what better way then to use technology to take short cuts in order to boost our self esteem.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Takara Tomy Toys, you can do just that! Takara Tomy have created a line of patterns printed on edible paper that mimic the color and style of coffee art.

While not as nifty  as having a mobile app do all the heavy lifting for you, the DecoLatte allows you to put a pre-printed image on top of your cup of latte so it at least, gives people the impression that you have some coffee skills(albeit, from afar).  Shoppers have their choice of Rilakkuma, Snoopy and many other cartoons to adorn their delicious cup o’Joe.

Look for these around Japan and launching soon in Taiwan. No word on whether these will be actually available in the States. But that is what a weekend trip to Taipei is for. Check out the official DecoLatte site for more visuals.

Source [damanwoo] [tumblr]