If you are Japanese and you visit the United States for the very first time, what must be going through your mind? It certainly must be “wow, the breads here in the United States suck.”

Well, let your bread suck no more.

The guys over at ecommerce store, JBOX, have solved the bread sucking pandemic by offering a bread cutter mold that will change your boring white toast into a 3D pop up panda, frog or bear.

The plastic mold is designed to fit seamlessly onto your bread. To use it, simply press down on top of it and the mold will do all the cutting and fixing that is required to change your toast into instantaneous Japanese giggling magic. Imagine impressing your co-workers with this popup panda bear sandwich as you bust it open in the middle of the conference room. Surely, you will be the envy of the entire company in no time.

You can also use the mold to cut out the panda bear faces and make some pretty panda-esque sandwiches.

As with anything cool, this product came from Japan. Buy this set over at JBOX.

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