The nice thing about working on a food+travel site is that we get to travel quite a bit. With that being said, the staff at Foodamentals has eaten tons of in-flight meals and frankly, the meals all suck. On a multi-flight journey, the first meal might be decent, but the subsequent meals get progressively worse till it gets to the point where I rather stab my eyes with chopsticks then take another bite. Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think its gotten to the point that as passengers, we expect to be served crappy food every time we board a plane.

Jetstar Japan must have gotten the memo because they have  partnered up with students at Showa Women’s University to create healthier and delicious meals. While I applaud them for trying, the end result still leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Two types of meals are offered at 1,000 yen(~$12.50 USD). Passengers have their choice of  sausage served with fluffy pancakes.

Or, risotto with sausage.

Right from the get-go, passengers are price gouged before they are subjected to the unknown terrors that eating these meals will cause. It is a bit concerning when Jetstar proclaims that the meals are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures ranging from freezing cold to blistering hot. Maybe next time they can focus more on, you know, making it taste like real food.

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