With fall here and winter right around the corner, the weather is getting cooler, the Spirit costume stores are cropping up, and those summer swimsuit bodies are disappearing faster than the Amazon rain forest. Since its cold outside, there is nothing more important than coddling your absolute favorite bottle of wine, treating it like your first born child.

Well, if you feel me on that, Urban Outfitters has got you covered – literally.



Not quite sure how long these have been around, but these sweaters are custom cut to fit just about any bottle of wine. Granted, the 3 button look is so en passe, there is no doubt you are going to be  the coolest kid at your dinner party or at work. If a sweater is too formal and you think its not appropriate for the occassion, then Urban Outfitters has got you covered with a grey hoodie sweatshirt.


Get your own at Urban Outfitters and Amazon.

Source [entabe.jp]