Being Chinese myself, I’m pretty surprised that news of a vampire themed cafe in Liaoning Province is creating such buzz in China. I mean, c’mon, I come from a culture in which people eat chicken feet and tofu that smells like squat toilets. But for some reason, the web citizens in China are so intrigued by the fact that this cafe serves all of their drinks in blood bags. Given the world-wide popularity of TV shows and the Twilight series, I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised. Realistically, its a smart move on the owners part to capture some revenue on the worldwide craze.


I mean, for $10 USD a bag, I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this idea. Servers are dressed as nurses or doctors and will sell bags of flavored beverages such as red wine, cherry cola and black currant. Dark red dye is added into the drinks to make it more Twilight-esque.  Unsurprisingly, its the young people who are sucking this stuff up.


Source [Shanghaiist] [eater]