Camping is one of those activities you either love it, or you hate it. People don’t simply agree to camping like they do for a Friday afternoon happy hour. Do I have enough bug spray? Are there snakes, or worse yet, is a bear going to rummage through my picnic basket and eat me when they find out I’ve packed nothing but Doritos and Stoli’s. Lucky for us, in Seoul, we don’t have to deal with any of the uncertainties of camping. Just show up, drink up and eat up. That is my mantra in life.

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The Glamping is a concept/themed restaurant in the Itaewon area of Seoul.  Their schtick is sort of a tongue in cheek concept for the increasingly popular glamorous style camping, otherwise known as glamping. And these guys take that concept to heart. Sections of the restaurants are divided based upon whether you prefer to “glamp” indoors in a seated environment, or outdoor with makeshift tents and all. There is also a swimming pool that I don’t believe anyone actually uses, but it is there for you to see. Patrons can order all sorts of food ranging from BBQ to pasta dishes to pretty jazzy looking alcohol beverages such as their “Glamping Rita,” which comes with a beer or soju stuck into it.

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The name of the game here is BBQ. Not traditional Korean BBQ mind you, but instead, The Glamping is trying to replicate the experience of grilling meats on a simple Weber grill. However, it looks as though they use the Weber grill more as a serving tray rather than an actual grill cause if you notice in the Instagram pictures, there aren’t actual flames cooking the food. Prices for an entire BBQ sets for 6 people can run close to $300 USD with all the meats and seafood that you can stomach. Additionally, for non fans of BBQ, there is always pasta and salads for you to choose from. With choices like these, it makes you forget you are sitting in the middle of Seoul and not somewhere in Los Angeles. Just because, I can’t imagine anywhere else where this restaurant would exist in the US except in LA.

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Specialty drinks such as this “Glamping Rita” is about $15 – $17 USD. Whole lots of imports and domestic soju are at your disposal.  When its all said and done, make sure you take a selfie picture so all of your online fans/friends will know you came here.

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The Glamping
Address서울시 용산구 이태원동171-24 (map)
Hours:M-Sat 5pm-2am、Sun 1pm-11pm
Subway:6 Line, Itaewon Station,  Exit 1

Source [weekendhk]