Through my youth, I’ve seen my fair share of toys that claims to be able to create delicious looking treats ranging from ice cream, cookies and fake chicken mcnuggets. Outside of the ice cream maker, most of the foods turn out to suck quite a bit. So I’m taking this news with a grain of salt.

Again, our venerable cousins out in Japan have broken out another wild and wacky(albeit, cool) invention that claims to do the impossible. Tomago purin egg pudding is essentially, egg custard that is often made by mixing up the egg yolk with the egg whites so that it achieves a slightly soft and grainy consistency. Often served with some syrup or mixed in with sugar, egg pudding is a delightful treat that people from all across Asia really like.


The machine claims to make purin egg custard by “shaking” the eggs so that the egg whites and the yolk will mix to create that yellowish creamy color. Then, you are suppose to boil the shaken egg in hot water. Upon doing so, the egg is ready to be eaten.

I guess what I’m missing here is that, wouldn’t the egg just be a regular hard boiled egg that is just.. you know.. mixed up? I guess if you throw some caramel sauce onto it, it could be a real tamago pudding. But hey, to each their own.

This kit will be available to be purchased in late September, but, there has been a bunch of buzz on Twitter prior to its launch date. For all the naysayers out there, here is a much more convincing video to see this bad boy in action.

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