Frying is an art form that has no bound and knows no limit. In the US, we have seen people fry twinkies, turkey legs and even, Oreo cookies. I am pretty certainly, we can fry a fryer if we really wanted to but we’ll save that for an episode of The Twilight Zone.

In Minoh, a city in Osaka, Japan. The locals have taken frying to unprecedented heights. In what may be an internet first, someone has figured out how to fry up maple leaves in honor of fall none the less. Essentially, they have created maple leaf tempura [head explodes].

Mind you, they don’t simply pick the leaves off the ground and into the fryer it goes. Rather, these leaves are first washed, salted and seasoned prior to dipping the leaves into a delicious vat of tempura batter. The end result is a beautiful piece of work that you can eat by the handful.

The art of frying these leaves has been happening in this region for over 1300 years. Since that time, the flavor profile has been vastly improved with better seasoning and good stuff.

Commenters have said that the leafs are surprisingly sweet and are crunchy as advertised.


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