Throughout the years, McDonald’s has put out some regional favorites that has been successful and some that have flopped miserably. Its hard to fathom since we typically associate McDonald’s with foods that are deeply ingrained in the American culture. Frankly, I probably can’t think of any McDonald’s foods that flopped since they are already off the menu.

During our last trip out to Macau, we came upon a curious looking “burrito” called the McDonald’s Rice Fun Wrap. Looking at the big overhead picture at the McDonalds(and unable to read Chinese) I initially thought this was a beef bulgolgi wrap. Nope. It. Was. Not.


Wrapped inside the tortilla shell was not slabs of beef, but instead, a fried “patty” consisting of rice that has been molded together. Essentially, its carbs inside of carbs. Sort of like the Domino’s terrible pasta bread bowl years ago.

Instead of beef, a thin “patty” of rice is put into a tortilla wrap that shouldn’t exist in Macau in the first place.  Onions, some brown sauce and apparently, nothing else, is thrown into the wrap.


According to That’s Beijing’s blogger, Valentina Luo, she expressed her disdain for the rice fun wrap with this little gem.

it looks like a vegetarian hand-roll with a slice of chicken someone accidentally dropped in the kitchen.

Frankly, I wish I knew about it before I committed a whole $2.50 to this frankenfood. But hey, you live and learn.


While this wrap was introduced in 2013, you can satisfy your taste for pesudo-not quite-vegetarian food if you visit China, Hong Kong or Macau. Luckily, its not making its way over to the United States anytime soon.

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