If you are like me, then you probably still fondly remember the hours wasted spent trying to beat all the bosses in the original Mega Man series on the Nintendo/Famicon. Of course you do. CAPCOM Japan has partnered up with Japan’s J Dining to craft an energy/sports drink that’s sure to bring back nostalgic memories of your gaming days. The drink is shaped after the E Tank, which is also known as an Energy Tank that provides a re-up of energy for our favorite blue robot. Now, you can get your own E Tank through various conveniences stores, anime shops and various online places. Although its not filled with futuristic energy recharging capabilities, it is a can of (loosely defined)fruit juice and some other crap that does most likely, nothing.

However, we at Foodamentals don’t really care about the authenticity of a food item. Really, we just like to point out cool stuff out and this, my friend, is one of the coolest geekdom offerings out there. So if you are in Japan, definitely keep your eyes peeled for this Mega Man style E Tank energy drink.


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