In Asia, Messaging App LINE is a frickin’ runaway train when it comes to popular mobile apps. While the audience size of LINE is not as large as WeChat(since, you know, its banned in China) it is the uncontested champion in the majority of Northeastern Asia.

Just last week, we saw a collaboration between LINE Friends characters and a Korean brewery, resulting in some super-duper collectible lagers. Now, we have our eyes on the newest LINE collaboration – with Mr. Donuts.

Mister Donuts started out as an American franchise, but its long pulled its presence from the United States and mainly does its business all around Asia. Its donuts aren’t as sweet as most American donuts. Even the color frosting and chocolate bases aren’t as sweet as anything you would get from your local donut artists. The biggest news to come out of Thailand for the week is that Mister Donuts has recently released donuts inspired by hilarious LINE characters. 

No doubt, the otaku fans are going to go butt crazy over these. Shit, if we were in Asia right now, we would totally be willing to line up for these. Who knows how long these limited edition donuts will last. So if you are in Bangkok right now, head on over to your local Mister Donuts to snag a few before your blood sugar level drops too low.

Take a quick look and see what you are missing. Be sure to hit up Mister Donut’s Facebook page for more coolio stuff.

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