Shibuya Parco Debuts “Pokemon Cafe”




If the Pokemon bug bit you when you were a kid, an awkward teenager or even during your confused post college-wannabe otaku years, don’t be embarrassed. It can’t be any worse than being a closet lover of Dane Cook’s comedy or Miley Cyrus’ singing ability because we sure as hell don’t. Celebrate your love of Pokemon. I mean, what’s more awesome than having a cute, innocent and kid friendly pocket monster that transforms into a a lightning powered creature that can open up a wupass when need be? Sounds like the ultimate wingman!

pokemon_meal3 pokemon_meal2

If you were or are still a Pokemon fan, you’d be pleased to find out that Tokyo’s Shibuya Parco (PARCO) will be featuring a brand new Pokemon themed cafe! Which, should feel right at home next to the monkey cafe, cat cafe, Moomin cafe and maid cafe’s that are synonymous with Japan.  Pokemon Cafe was launched in conjunction with the release of the latest masterpiece in the never ending Pokemon game series, “Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire” (don’t you just love these super descriptive yet still vague Japanese title translations?) The Pokemon promotion will run from January 9th to the end of February.


To help quench your thirst for more Pokemon, Pokemon Cafe features the top Pokemon character, Pikachu, in omelets and other menu items. Craving a burger, no problems, there’s a Pikachu burger for you. It will only set you back 1380 yen. Looking for something fluffy and sweet, try the Monster Ball cream puff at 1280 yen. The show stopper, of course, is the Pikachu omelet at 1580 yen. To wash it all down, try a cup of Pikachu latte available in hot or iced versions for only 780 yen.

If you love going to Parco and would like to dial back on the Pikachu and Pokemon madness, Parco’s regular fare is offered next to the themed food items.

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