Nutella Burger

The colors make this seem healthy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Get the recipe at

Nutella Sweet Potato Fries

Potato is a vegetable. Hazelnut is a legume. Together, it has more vegetable servings than a V8. Found at

Nutella Marshmellow Popcorn

Geezus hurt me now. If these were served in a movie theater, I’ll make sure I catch the Wednesday morning matinee, every, single, day. Get the recipe from

Chocolate Nutella Pizza

Get the recipe from

The Cheeseboy Choco-Melt(with Nutella)

No, there is never such a thing as a Nutella overload. Head on over to Cheeseboy and buy this for yourself.

Pasta Con Nutella

Get the recipe here at

Nutella Burrito

I’m all bamboozled. Shit does not make sense at all. Find this at the Melody Bar in Los Angeles. Credit goes to @AmyBeth1252 for this photo.

Nutella Macarons

Easy enough to grasp. Won’t scare anyone. Get the recipe here at

Nutella Ravioli

Flaky, oozy and sweet. Gotta try this right. Now! Get the recipe at

Nutella Brownies

Damn, this does look pretty good. Anyone want to come over to our offices and make this for us? You know… for science. Find the recipe at

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Coated with Nutella

Blood pressure be damned. Find the recipe at

Nutella Sushi

I can’t imagine this will be that terrible. Its sweet, moist and full rice. Actually, that sounds absolutely disgusting. Get the recipe at

Nutella Covered Hot Dog

Yeah, our head is in the gutter. Thanks to the girl and her beer for this picture.