Seems like Asia(and Asian girls) just can’t seem to get enough of this Sanrio/Hello Kitty phenomenon.  We’ve seen everything from Hello Kitty branded airplanes, restaurants, wines and even a Sanrio/Hello Kitty convention in Los Angeles. Even though it can feel like we’ve been Hello Kitty’d out, with its 40 years of history, the phenomenon probably has more staying power than Justin Beiber with a clean rap sheet.

For all its far reaching branded history, I guess its only natural that we now see an official, Hello Kitty/Sanrio-branded bubble tea shop.


Recently opened and located in the Da’an district in Taipei, Hello Kitty Bubble is the first of its kind to offer official Sanrio branded bubble tea.  Unlike many knockoffs in Asia, this one is actually a legitimate store in which licensing fees  are actually paid to the original Japanese company.  Not that it really matters since I generally like my Nikey Air Hordans. But, hey, who doesn’t like real shit every once in a while?

Recently, our Foodamentals Taiwan correspondents went out to check out the store for themselves.



Everything and anything is Sanrio branded.


Even the Sanrio bubble tea cups.


We liked it so much, we got two.


And of course, we need to make our pictures much more localized.

Hello Kitty Bubble
Address: 大安路一段172號, Taipei, Taiwan
Facebook Page

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