[Sung to Lil Jon’s song – Shots] Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots EVERYBOOOODY!


While we like shots just as much as the next 20 year old, shots are typically confined to bad decision Saturdays or Chinese weddings gone wrong.  But, we still love a good Grey Goose shot every now and then. The problem that we hate is actually buying shots.  Either we head out to a bar to get our drank on, or, we do the completely-not-alcoholic thing and take a shot at home – by ourselves. Getting a shot is truly a first world problem.

The Taiwanese don’t have that shot-procurement problem that we have here in the United States. Recently, we came across these gems in a Taipei 7-Eleven.


We’ve said it many times on this site, but Taiwan 7-Elevens has never ever let us down. These are legit, mixed drink shots that are 2 for 99 NT(~$3 USD).  If you do the math, for less than 10 bucks, you can get completely blitzed before heading out to Omni. Now that is a steal of a deal.

img_0159 img_0153

Each of these shots are about 20% in alcoholic content. Whats even more odd about these shots are the fact that they are imported from Plano, Texas. So this amazing thing we just saw in Taiwan is actually from the United States. That just tells us that the US 7-Elevens need to step up their game.

img_0151 img_0145

Here is how we are feeling right now.