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Taiwanese Fried Chicken, more affectionately known as popcorn chicken here in the Western world, has won people over from all edges of the earth. I mean, what kind of person doesn’t like delicious, greasy, crunchy fried chicken(You monster, you)? So its no surprise that these delicious bite sized morsels have essentially put Taiwan on the map as a culinary destination. The problem now… is that there are simply too many places to try.  So to help mitigate that, Openrice has polled their local Taiwanese online users to help the rest of us figure out where we can get the most delicious Taiwanese fried chicken in all of Taipei.

Taipei weekend trip revelers take note.

Shi Yun Taiwanese Fried Chicken (師園鹽酥雞)

For over 30 years, Shi Yun Taiwanese Fried Chicken has been raising blood pressures and keeping people satisfied. The unassuming stand is located in the world famous Shida Night Market and is rather easy to find… just follow your nose and look for the snaking crowd of people. And the coolest thing is… they deliver!

Name: 師園鹽酥雞
Address: 台北市中正區師大路39巷8號
Taipei, Taiwan
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A Bomb into the Soul( 一炸入魂)

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When a shop’s logo is of a cyborg chicken brandishing a laser gun, its an automatic signal that it knows what its doing. When that shop is selling Taiwnese fried chicken, then UNESCO needs to make this a heritage site. A Bomb into the Soul(loose translation via Google Translate) unabashedly proclaims itself as Taiwan’s last popcorn chicken shop and the lines that snake around the block make this statement seem more plausible than some pompous boast.

Name: 一炸入魂鹽酥雞
Address: 台北市內湖區東湖路16巷20號
Taipei, Taiwan
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Ganxie Ni Fried Chicken (感謝您鹹酥雞)

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The name of Gangxie Ni literally translates to Thank You Very Much, and it is probably the feeling you are going to get when you step in line to get yourself some of this deliciously fried popcorn chicken. For over 20 years, the little street side cart has been brandishing its fried wares with the chicken taking center stage.

Name: 感謝您鹹酥雞
Address: 台北市信義路四段60-52號1F
Taipei, Taiwan


Popcorn Chicken King (台灣鹽酥雞創始總店)



A modern, clean and widely accessible store, Popcorn Chicken King does one thing and one thing super frickin’ well – frying up good shit. The storefront is next to the Dazhi Station in the Neihu district of Taipei, so its a bit out of the way but still accessible via the Brown line.  The featured foods include the chicken, squid and deep fried apples. Oh, for bonus sake, these guys also fry up Oreos.

Name: 台灣鹽酥雞創始總店
Address: 台北市中山區北安路530號
Taipei, Taiwan
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Koubei Fried Chicken (口碑鹹酥雞)

Koubei is located around Hwa Hsia University of Technology, which is located at the end of the Orange line in Southern Taipei. Usual wait times here are 30 minutes or more because each piece of chicken is freshly fried and seasoned for every single customer.  The chicken pieces are topped off with home made seasoning. Yes, please ignore the ominous looking picture as its hard to find a picture that demonstrates the magnitude of this terrific feast.

Name: 口碑鹹酥雞
Address: 新北市中和區華新街123號
Taipei, Taiwan
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