Admittedly, the very idea of a quick serve steak house just seems outright lazy. Certainly, our high society, European brethrens wouldn’t be caught dead even setting foot in anything quick serve, much less a steakhouse. But this is Foodamentals, we have low standards. So when “quick-serve” and “steak” are thrown in the same sentence, we are on it like white on rice. 

Ikinari! Steak is a Japanese steak chain that recently opened back in December 2013.  Business is brisk and the prices are affordable. Using a special electromagnetic cooker, steaks are pushed out in a jiffy. Prices of the steak run about 630 yen(~$8 USD) so they are obviously competing at a price point higher than fast food, but still lower than just about anything else in New York City. The chain’s growth has led its management to target New York City as the next destination for future expansion, with the NYC first store slated to open this summer. In today’s context, with all things considered with regards to New York City and what New Yorkers are all about, Foodamentals believes that a Quick Serve Steakhouse is exactly what we need. Bring your classical music loaded iPod, a double latte with no soy and your girlfriend’s pocket poodle and prepare to be blown away by a surprisingly well made steak meal. Outside of everything else that is wrong with that picture, you should have no problem keeping a straight face while telling your work colleagues that you’ve just enjoyed a complete fine dining experience during your lunch break. Okay, maybe I’m pushing it a little, but to put it simply, this is what works today and it certainly adds a different dimension to the New York food scene.

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