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If you clicked through to this article, then there is a good chance you are a fan of Totoro like we are. More than likely, if you clicked here, then you must like Taiwan. Well then, this post is your godsend.

Here are the 5 top Totoro themed(official and unofficial) cafe’s all across Taiwan.




Situated in Taipei’s Zhongshan district, Choose Me Cafe and Meals serves a unique take on our furry friend. The shop’s specialty is a grey sesame cheesecake, molded into the shape of Totoro and adorned with sides of drawings made of chocolate sauce.  The main body of this dessert is cheesecake. The top layer is a spread of grey sesame covered with white cream to signify Totoro’s stomach. To top it all off, iced chocolate is used to make those glistening eyes. Damn cute and damn tasty.

Name: Choose Me Cafe & Meals(初米咖啡)
Address: 台北市中山區錦州街423之1號
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Totoro cafe(龍貓咖啡館) is actually located on the 2nd floor of 東京雜貨樂園, an anime store located within the city center of Taichung.  The first floor is decked out in a whole slew of anime inspired merchandise ranging from plush dolls, to stickers and going all the way down to random decorative pieces. Whereas, the 2nd floor is pure, Totoro bliss.  The decor, wall art and everything else in between is unashamedly Totoro. Check out blue19cheese’s pixnet pics for some gratuitous picture porn on this stellar place.

Name: Totoro Cafe(龍貓咖啡館)
Address: 台中市西屯區河南路二段514號
+04-2708 6070
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Parfait Cafe is a standard tea shop that aims to provide the warmth of home, with a splash of Totoro nostalgia. The Totoro soufflé is to die for. A big ball of soufflé topped with sprinkled sugar and a Totoro biscuit transforms an ordinary afternoon tea, to something the queen would take part in.

Name: 覺樂Parfait Cafe
Address: 台中市西區民權路215號之3
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Everybody loves latté art. So it makes sense that 理性&感性CAFÉ would not only be good in making a slammin’ cup of joe, but also make the foam on top with an extra dose of Totoro.

Name: 理性&感性cafe’
Address: 桃園市平鎮區育達路67號
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Rena’i Township




We have actually written about Nina’s de Chocolate in this article. If you can make the trek out to Nantou County, then it is worth getting some Totoro macaroons. Also, your Instagram pictures will no doubt garner a ton of likes.

Name: Nina’s de Chocolate Workshop
Address: 南投縣仁愛鄉榮光巷8之3號(佛羅倫斯民宿)
+04 9280 2988
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