Coming up on our one year anniversary, the staff at Foodamentals has spent countless hours, reading/eating/sleeping with food. We’ve probably done more food challenges than we ever thought we would do in this lifetime. Thus, a diet seems to be in order for the upcoming months. But oh well, you only live once.

Not having grown up playing with dolls, I can’t really say I understand the appeal of doll house playthings and the sorts. However, I do appreciate pretty badass craftsmanship. Japanese artist, Tomo Tanaka, has spent a lifetime crafting some amazing miniature replicas of exquisite cookwares, fruits and Japanese armor. So its not surprise him and his team have taken their talents into producing some of the coolest and most intricate replicas of French pastries this side of the Mississippi.

nunu_house_1 nunu_house_2 nunu_house_3 nunu_house_4 nunu_house_5

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