Street vendors have been known to go above and beyond with practically any means necessary to hawk their wares. Who can blame them? With the street side economy being more vicious than a Black Friday sale, hawkers need to be ultra creative(or hot) just to stay on top of the game. Examples here.

Whereas our story doesn’t involve rippling six packs or cleavages, it does have ample pussy. Pussy cat that is!

Toutiao recently spotted an uber cute street-side fish seller in China that just makes us saw awwwww. This furry feline is not only selling fish, but her owners have dressed her up in emperor garbs for double the cuteness.

While costume wearing animals aren’t new in most parts of Asia, who can say no to that face!

Although part of us wonder whether we are missing the logic behind having a cat sell fish because… you know… cats eat fish right?

But hey, if you are in China and you see a cat in a costume, make sure you pet her. I mean, just look at her!

Source [looker toutiao]