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These bright blue tea drinks are blowing up the Taiwanese interwebs the last couple of weeks. With countless number of tea shops quickly riding the tidal wave of hype and offering these drinks around the island. Yes, those are purple, pastel blue and bright blue coloring. And no, they have nothing to do with the Starbucks drinks that you see all over the American internet right now.

So what is that blue coloring? The blue coloring is made from a flower found in Thailand, known as 蝶豆花, or more commonly, butterfly pea or clitoria ternatea in its most scientifically accurate name. And yes, that is not a misprint.


Not hard to figure out why its called a clitoria ternatea

According to health officials, the butterfly pea has tremendous health benefits with its wide array of vitamins including A,C and E. With those vitamins spelling out ACE, its no wonder this tea is already a winner. But how does it taste? Does it taste like a wet weasel running through a geyser? Or is it subtly sweet like a Selena Gomez backrub?

Let’s find out.

Tea Annie in Mountain View, one of the best boba shops,  is one of the first stores in the entire Bay Area to offer this electric blue and purple drink to thirsty masses at the Foodamentals office. There are three offerings: lemon tea, tea latte and soda. Tea Annie keeps it simple and calls them Butterfly Lemon Tea, Butterfly Tea Latte and Butterfly Soda.

tea_annie_lemontea-5569 tea_annie_lemontea3-8912

In short, this shit is f’en magical.  The Butterfly Lemon tea comes in a match-my-nails sort of purple color and tastes like a spring breeze is running through knee high grass. If that doesn’t make any sense, think “cool” and “refreshing.”  When butterfly pea tea is mixed with the acidic lemon juice, its coloring changes to purple and becomes even more flavorful as a result.

tea_annie_latte-5572 latte

The tea latte is in a league of its own. When swirled with creamer, the blue becomes pastel blue, similar to the trendy Starbucks drink that you saw people raving over on Instagram last week. The light and airiness of tea mixed with the thicker cream base screams “I am a Bieleber,” its like a party in raving in my palette and everyone is invited.

For about $4.50 per drink, these are definitely worth a try, especially on a hot summer day. Highly recommended for everybody, especially the ones that are tired of the same ole boba shit, day in and day out.

Name Tea Annie
Address 1712 Miramonte Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040 (map)
Phone (650) 282-5860