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The Czech Republic has been on multiple must visit lists for the last couple of years. A country known for its stunning architecture and long history is experiencing a renaissance in food. While you are bound to run into fantastic food, beautiful cityscapes and tourists dujour on a stroll in any of the city squares of Prague, one thing you can’t miss are fresh pastries known as trdelnik. These things look sick(in a good way). Essentially, its rolled dough, grilled, and then topped off with sugar.  Since they are hollow in the center, the more inventive bakers will coat the inside with chocolate or nutella and the whole thing is then sprinkled with sugar.


More commonly, you’ll see trdelniks filled with fruit or cream. However, the stupendous guys over at Good Food Coffee & Bakery in Prague have decidedly taken the trdelniks to a whole different level.

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Instead of boring old fruits and you know, healthy stuff. These guys have coated the insides of their trdelniks with nutella and thrown in soft serve ice cream for good measures!


Good Food Coffee & Bakery calls their trdelniks chimneys and offer then in a wide array of configurations. You can get them original, coated with chocolate, filled with ice cream or a breakfast version – with ham and cheese. But damn, nothing looks like they can beat the soft serve version that you see here. If anyone can get their hands on one, report back!

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Good Food Coffee & Bakery
Karlova 8, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic, Praha 1, Staré Město (map)
+420 731 785 653


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