This past New Years Eve, the internet exploded due to one of the most ingenious and awesome marketing initiative by a fast food brand in all history of fast food brands. The McDonald’s in Taiwan decided it would be a fun idea to have all branches compete to see who would drive in the most sales using any conceivable method. The branches then opened it up to their employees as to what they would like to. Naturally, the Taipei branch near the Taipei main railway station decided that maid outfits would be a fantastic idea, because you know, maid outfits are awesome.  Not only are the workers dressed up as maids, but they also greet the customers as “masters.”

Granted, the concept of using maids as service workers is nothing new. In fact, Japan has the highest concentration of maid cafes in the entire world. Of course, when the rest of world doesn’t understand why anyone would voluntarily dine in one of these places, its not hard to see why New York City only has one. Even our trusty editor, Andy Blake, refuses to set foot in a maid cafe as the concept terrifies him. Yes, terrifies.


Andy Blake insists that these are not regular McDonald’s employees, but are in fact, models that are hired on a temporary basis for this promotion. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but even if it is, its pretty good PR. Good job Taipei McDonald’s, good job.

No news whether these maid outfits will be brought back on a more consistent basis or will be imported overseas. Though, this particular promotion is long gone, there are always these awesome videos to remind of what could have been. While I’m not speaking for the rest of the staff at Foodamentals, I especially like the 2nd and third video.


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