Food crazes in Asia seem to happen at a pace that is faster than Vanilla Ice’s career(or Lindsey Lohan’s for you millenials out there). The latest being the Chipotle’ization of the famous Taiwanese shaved ice dessert, albeit with a more friendly slant. 路地氷の怪物/Roji in Taichung, Taiwan,  is a modern concept shaved ice shop with a sunny disposition. Patrons are greeted with a stylized and clean shaved ice shop that is far removed from the grimy corner shop with motorcycles parked out front.   Each shaved ice comes with your choice of toppings but also a pair of eyes that seems to be giving off mixed messages.


Visitors select what shave ice flavor they want. Popular choices range from strawberry and cherry. 

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To green tea/matcha flavor, barley and even sesame. Some of the most popular dessert flavors in all of Asia.



You can pick your own toppings and even specific themes that you want. At one point, these guys were running superhero themed shave ice with Captain America(with his own shield) prominently featured as one of the items you can order. Prices for each serving of shaved ice with 3 toppings comes out to 200 NT ~ $6.00 USD.  So if you ever find yourself in Taichung, make sure to stop on by!

路地 氷の怪物 文心店
Address: 台中市西屯區文心路二段21號1F (map)
Tel: (04) 2255-6553


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