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We have seen the advent of “hunky milk tea” in Taiwan, but now, get ready for the next evolutionary step – light bulb milk tea. In Yilan, Taiwan, it now appears that they have decided to one up the milk tea game to new unprecedented heights. These light bulbs are not filled with typical light bulby stuff, but instead, chewy milky goodness that all of us love.

These light bulb shaped cups are only available at the Kili Bay cultural center in Yilan County. With limited number of cups to go around, make sure you grab yourself a seat to be part of history. And no… you can’t take/steal these to take home. They got their eyes out on you. Check out the video below.

Kili Bay (奇麗灣珍奶文化館)
Address: 宜蘭縣蘇澳鎮頂強路23號 / Yilan County
+ 03-990-9966

Source [ettoday]