In what will be now be affectionately known as “that summer in 2013,” the Taiwanese media stirred up a frenzy when a nonchalant vendor selling peanut ice cream wraps became an overnight social media sensation. Netizens came upon this vendor, located at Raohe Night Market(饒河街觀光夜市), selling a sort of hybrid peanut+ice cream+egg roll creation that I have never seen before in the United States.  While I’m not quite sure about the privacy laws surrounding this, apparently, it is perfectly okay to video tape random people in Taiwan without cranking up the creepiness factor.

Well, it’s pretty obvious as to why this video has gone viral in Taiwan. However, fluttering hearts were immediately crushed when they found out she already had a boyfriend. Sad.

According to the literal translations in the description section of the above video, this vixen has been deemed possessing an illegal body.  If so, then maybe she could consider moving to the US and get a body that is much less illegal.

Since this not-creepy video was published, she has been featured on different variety shows, print and news reports. Other than that, the video speaks for itself. Enjoy.

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Picture Source [synapticism]