Airplane food is nothing to write home about. It looks bad, it generally tastes bad and there is never enough of it(thank goodness). Unless, of course, you are one of those lucky ones who can score first class tickets. To those people… poo to you.

Foodamentals prides itself on not only discovering and cultivating new food trends, but we are also partial to creating unique trends ourselves. If you are like us, every single entree we have ever eaten on airplanes generally suck. On most Asian airlines, regardless of the duration of the flight, you will generally always get some kind of meal. Usually, the first meal on the first leg of our trip is bearable. The second meal… tolerable. Anything beyond that, I want to gauge my tastes buds out and sell them in Mexico. There is no denying it, airplane food tastes like crap.

We recently came across an article on The Atlantic that provides a great walk-through of the evolution of in-flight meals and provides a good analysis of why things are the way they are. Generally, due to the pressurized cabins and cabin humidity, our sense of smell and taste are dulled significantly. Therefore, to compensate for this change, airplane food is generally coated with sauces that are filled with sodium and spices. Regardless, I have yet to eat a meal(in first, business or economy) where it didn’t taste like the underside of a hamster cage. Regardless, next time you find yourself stuck with some unappetizing airplane food, here is a handy trick we recently discovered.

1) Open a bag of flaming hot Cheetos. Make sure to get a lot of flaming hot Cheetos dust on your fingers, because, well, they are awesome.(plus your flight attendant will appreciate the spritz of color you have now added to everything around you)


China Airlines(SFO to TPE route) “breakfast” of eggs and tater tots.


2) Carefully pour(said Cheetos) onto your airplane dinner. 


3) Admire your creation. Eat and enjoy.

Our discovery works on two simple principles. One, everything tastes better with flaming red hot Cheetos. Second, airplane food will only taste good when it doesn’t taste like airplane food. So why not marry that grotesque looking/tasting dish with some delicious Cheetos dust? Instant gratification.

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