It has been years since I’ve tasted Ovaltine. Maybe it is the embarrassment of having to actually physically purchase a bottle of Ovaltine at the supermarket when you realize you have no kids. It must be the same feeling I get when I go through the check out counter with a bottle of pedialyte and a fireball whiskey – suspicious looks all around.

But there is something oddly satisfying about Ovaltine. The delicious chocolate taste is not exactly chocolate milk, but also not watered down chocolate, truly, Ovaltine is in a league of its own.

Perhaps this is not exactly new “news” in Taiwan, but convenience store goliath Family Mart has introduced an Ovaltine pudding cup, flavored and presented in the same way as the Ovaltine brand we loved as kids. The same orange packaging and the distinctive semi-chocolate smell that we would all instantly recognize.

For 30 NT(~$1 USD) you can relive your childhood in a much more accessible fashion.

Source [weekendhk] [pixnet]