In what may be deemed a surprise to people living outside of Korea, Hite beer is not the most popular beer in the Korean peninsula. Though Hite is one of the few beers found at cookie-cutter Korean restaurants in the United States, the title actually belongs to Kloud, a product from the Korean mega conglomerate Lotte.


The reason we haven’t seen Kloud much is that it was only last year where Lotte began importing and distributing within the US market. Even now, its nearly impossible to find, unless, you are totally in the know.

The Korea Consumer Forum conducted a phone survey of young beer drinkers and found that the average consumer preferred Kloud to many of the more established brands. Whether its due to the fact that Kloud is made to resemble more European style beers or that the beer’s spokeswoman is megastar Jun Jihyun, either way, that shit is mad good.

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