For all the food lovers out there and for anyone who has ever gone to a restaurant, we all know that presentation is as important as how the food tastes. If that isn’t the case, then there are absolutely no reasons as to why El Farolito doesn’t make the list. If you can think of anything else that tastes better than a fatty burrito at 2am, then I’ll buy you a $5 Walmart gift card(going all out). With that being said, we can all agree that presentation is key.

With that being said, shit can get out of hand. We recently stumbled upon this awesome Twitter account called @WeWantPlates where people from all over are posting their most off the wall, ridiculous and insane-in-the-membrane food presentations. Looking at some of these pics makes me wonder if these chefs might benefit from taking some art classes from the Academy of Arts – I hear they are accepting applications right now.

Nothing wrong here.

Some Olympic hopeful in China is probably really upset about this right now. Someone stole his paddle to make this happen.

I hope they washed that shoe before using it. Smells like truffles.

Does the girl you stole this from know what you did?

Its obvious these guys are being proactive rather than reactive to the impending pothole that needs to be filled after your lunch.

In some countries, this is perfectly acceptable. #firstworldproblems

In case you wanna go plant some tulips and begonias afterwards. You know, to stave off the food coma.

It gets so messy that you might need to wash your hands right after. Genius!

Gives new meaning to the term “Das Boot”

The Toilet restaurant called, they want this back.

I actually find this pretty awesome. I’ll make sure to buy these for my future wedding.

Source [bomb01] [twitter]