In those rare instances where you stumble upon some hidden gem that others don’t know about, you have one of

Well, this post is none of those.

What kind of ice cream is this? Pork knuckle? Pork Floss? Gogi Berries?

Instead, this post is to celebrate one of the longest tenured ice cream shops in all of Taipei. A creamy, frosty, delicious institution that has been around since 1947 and to this day, celebrates the store’s history with inventive flavors that are practically unseen anywhere outside of Taipei. We’ve seen and eaten our fair share of boring ass strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors where we’d rather suck on raw unwashed chicken feet then subject our taste buds to immense boredom. But when you start throwing out-of-left-field flavors like pork feet, basil, sesame chicken, goji berries and pork sung at us… well, now you’ve got our attention.

Unlike a lot of new hipster ice cream shops we see on IG these days, Snow King Ice Cream in ZhongZheng District is no frills, I-don’t-give-a-fuck, like-me-for-who-I-am type of ice cream joint. Thick skin is a must when your shop is 3 generations deep and has been hawking 73 flavors for the last 70 years in Taipei.  Check out some of these insane flavors that Snow King has been putting out:


  • Baijou
  • Sesame Chicken
  • Pork Feet
  • Basil
  • Mi Gao
  • Goji Berries
  • and Pork Sung

source: mrfatuncle

Founder Gao Rixing has said he’s put out over 400 flavors in his lifetime including seaweed, six year old ginseng(I only eat 8 year old ginseng) and garlic.  The beauty of all this is that the flavors are on constant rotation, so your experience is bound to be different every time you set foot into the shop. The guys over at had a chance to try out the pork sung/floss flavored ice cream which they described as “salty but with a hint of roasted meat flavoring.”  Theres definitely no mistaking it for anything else. Not only do you taste the pork floss, but you definitely see bits and pieces of it poking out from your scoop. In addition, meniscuszine has given their own review on the sesame oil chicken flavored variety, which you can actually control the level of saltiness you want from your ice cream! Damn.

Pork floss flavored ice cream. Picture courtesy of

If you aren’t feeling so balls to the wall, there are more conservative flavors such as mango, oranges, peanuts, strawberries, watermelon and sugar cane. Do keep in mind that some of these flavors are seasonal. So if you are flying 6,000 miles hoping to get some pork knuckle ice cream in your mouth you might want to call them first. Pork floss flavoring can be a nice consolation prize.

Back in 2015 they moved to a new location on the 2nd floor of building 65 on Wuchang Street.

Still keeping that old fridge from their old location. Guess if its not broke, don’t fix it.

All kidding aside. Most ice cream shops in Taipei tend to be more Japanese or more Westernized(here’s looking at you Coldstone). It is refreshing to see a place that is so distinctly Taiwanese stay faithful to its roots. Even in a city that is every changing its great to see some things stay the same.

One of the cool ass flavors they make. Using local produce and fruits.

雪王冰淇淋 / Snow King Ice Cream
ADDRESS 台北市武昌街一段65號2樓, Taipei, Taiwan (2nd Floor)
TEL (02)2331-8415
HOURS 12:00 – 8:00pm
FACEBOOK @snowkingicecream

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