Ever since Lady M opened up its first minimalist bakery in Manhattan, the mille crepe has been cropping up all around the world. Especially in Asia, where the crepe has attained an almost cult like following, people clamor for variations of the crepe cake and the result is some super unique take on a French classic.

The crepe cake first gained world wild popularity in 2004, when Lady M opened up its first branch in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. The entire cake is made up of layers after layers of crepes, each crepe laid on top of one another till you get this textural marvel of flavor. Like with anything that is pretty and sweet, the crepe cake caught fire in Asia and Lady M has become one of those must-go destinations in NYC for Asian tourists, right up there with Shake Shack and other touristy ish.

Totally unassuming store front. Right in between a cell phone shop and a local pharmacy. <pic source walkerland>

Wedged in between an old school pharmacy store front and a Far East Tone cell phone shop, Jewel dessert & tea in Kaohsiung has been at the forefront of this wave of mille crepe cake love in Taiwan. People are in love with their rainbow mille crepe cakes, made with over 40 crepe layers, all individually colored and lightly sweetened like a spring morning day.


These layers are fire  <picture source Instagram.ftngtvewt>

Sadly, these cakes have proven to be so popular that eaters are limited to two pieces of mille cakes at a time. For 150 NT per piece, which is about $5 USD, they are slightly cheaper than the slices you get at Lady M. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is still relatively expensive. I mean, you can get an entire loaf of pound cake from the freezer aisle in Safeway for $3. But hey, you are paying for the novelty and the instagram-worthiness of this cake.

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This shit is so sexy pretty <picture source instagram.be_____________>

Cream cheese is used to hold the individual crepes. Netizens have commented that this cake is smooth, like melting butter on the sidewalk smooth. While that may not mean much, this video highlights the awesomeness of this cake better than we can possibly describe. Just look at that bounce as the fork slides into it!


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Name 寶石甜點坊 Jewel dessert & tea
Address 高雄市苓雅區成功一路197-1號(map)
Phone 0960 727 980

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